Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Few More Holiday Pictures

Now that school has started back up and I am back in 60-degree LA, it really feels like the holidays are over. But I have so many great pictures from them that I have not yet shared. So please excuse me for not posting these in a timely manner, but I cannot resist posting them now! These are pictures of my holiday season in LA.

Below are pictures of the Christmas decorations in the bf's and my apartment and various ornaments on our Christmas tree.

A paper shark from the gift shop in the downtown branch of the Library. My mom got a matching one for her tree. The ornaments are made locally!

A real (I think) blow fish with googly eyes and a bell! Picked up at Unique LA from vendor Robin Charlotte. Robin Charlotte makes tons of amazing things aside from ornaments - jewelry, belts, house goods. You must check out her website!

Since I have been collecting ornaments longer than I have been with my boyfriend, most of the ornaments on the tree are mine. I wanted to make the Christmas tree feel more like "ours," so this year I got an ornament just for him. This DeLorean may seem silly, but it's perfect for a guy whose favorite movie is Back to the Future!

The following pictures are from holiday jazz at the Biltmore followed by a handball concert from their Christmas tree lighting ceremony. (Pictures of that here.)

An apple juice/gingerbread cocktail with a cinnamon sugar ring. Guess how much it cost? $5. Seriously. That's it. You have to get to the Biltmore for their cocktails. The service is meh, but the cocktails are delicious and basically dirt cheap by Hollywood standards.

Finally, a few shots of the festive buildings at 4th and Main.

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