Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upgrading my Jewelry Collection

If you had asked me about my jewelry collection a few years ago, I wouldn't have had much to say about it. Mostly I had cheap dangly earrings that I bought for sorority socials and gaudy baubles that I bought for themed parties. But in the last few years, I've gotten some pieces that I really love and that have become instant classics in my wardrobe. (Like those silver and navy earrings!)

* The purple necklace on the left was a gift from my mom from a few years ago. It is a great statement piece. Recently I've gotten a shirt and sweater that it looks great with.
* The rings (clockwise from top left) are a clay flower ring from Etsy, an orange stone ring from a vintage shop in DC, a ring made of small green/purple stone from a holiday street market in Milan, and a green ring with gold trim from the same DC vintage store.
* The pirate ship necklace is from Sixhundred, this fantastic alternative boutique on Spring St. in downtown LA. Their jewelry selection is unparalleled!
* The steampunk bracelet in the back is also from Etsy. It was a gift from my amazing friends in DC.
* The big owl necklace is from Life Little on Etsy, and the little owl necklace is from a shop in DE. (I'm not sure where in DE because it was another gift, but if you need good tips on DE shopping, I will email my friend to find out where she got it.)
* Finally, the pocket watch/locket is also a purchase from Sixhundred.

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Dann Hires said...

I have that big OWL necklace too; it’s green and I totally love it. But what I love the most in your collection is that pocket watch locket. How much did you get it for? It looks vintage and chic. =) Dann Hires @ McCarty's Jewelry