Sunday, January 30, 2011

Theater and Justice in One

Tomorrow I am attending "The Trial of Hamlet" at USC. I'm super excited for it! The USC blurb describes it like so:
The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles (SCLA) will hold “The Trial of Hamlet” to determine the competency of the defendant to stand trial for the murder of Polonius, based on the events of the Shakespeare play.
The best part is Justice Kennedy of the Supreme Court is overseeing the trial! And Helen Hunt and Tom Irwin will be acting!

Then on Tuesday, Justice Kennedy is coming back to the law school to speak. I'll be lining up at 10 am for that. This will actually be the 3rd Supreme Court justice I've seen speak. When I was an intern on Capitol Hill, I got see Justice Scalia speak. Even though I disagree with his politics on many fundamental levels, he is brilliant and entertaining. A few years later when I was working as a paralegal in DC, I went to see Justice Breyer who was very quick and eloquent. I'm sure Justice Kennedy will be equally impressive.

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