Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello Los Angeles

I've been gone for a good year+ now. But in my defense there was a lot going on. I met my boyfriend. I got into law school. I moved from DC to LA for school. Then my boyfriend got a job in LA and moved in with me, and just a few short days ago I finished my 1L year (and took a celebratory trip to Vegas). But now summer has started and my hardest year is behind me, so I'm back! Where to start? How about my favorite things so far in my new home city?

1. Hiking in Griffith Park

2. Bottega Louie - Thus far my favorite restaurant here. Not because the food is the best (although it is amazing) or because the decor is the best (although it fantastic in a minimal way) or because the service is the best (although it is top notch and sometimes hysterical if the trying-to-be stand-up-comedian waits on you). It's just the combination of everything for the price. It's the best value I've discovered here yet.

(Pictures Courtesy of

(This is the box the macaroons come in. They are probably the most well known thing here - and most colorful - but don't get distracted. They are not bad, but nothing compared to the chocolate souffle. If you are getting something sweet, definitely go for the later.)

3. The Getty Museums (Especially the the Villa, featured below. It just brings me back to my time in Italy.)

Well, that's it for my first post. But I will hopefully be sharing lots more good stuff from the west coast. So stay tuned!

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U said...

The museums are probably the nicest looking ones I've seen, based on your pictures. You also need to take pictures of your Bottega Louie meals. I want to see the presentation.