Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lusting for Some Summer Wedges

I am dying for a pair of chunky summer wedges. It all started with the pair of Bally wedges I found on Ebay. (Nobody bid on them! I'm waiting to see if the seller will re-list them for less once their auction expires.) Then I stumbled across the absolutely perfect Miu Miu wedges (which of course are way out of my price range and sold out in any size smaller than a 10). There is however, that very tempting copy by Rosegold still available in a size 6 and about a fifth of the price. (If you happen to be a size 11, you can get a super good deal on another copy by DSW.) But just when I think I've decided to go with the Bally's or the Miu Miu knockoff's a new pair of wedges will catch my eye - like Tory Burch's. Thanks for making this decision even harder Tory. At this rate, by the time I make up my mind I will be buying my perfect pair of summer wedges in December.

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