Monday, May 24, 2010

Stress Shopping

Most of this year I was really good about not buying clothes I did not need. My splurges were on yoga pants and new socks-not the most glamorous buys. But as the end of the year wore down and my stress levels skyrocketed, I finally caved to my impulse to buy shoes. Now that I've started, I'm finding it hard to stop again! Here's my craziest new acquire. It's from an accessories store at the Wilshire/Vermont metro called Shiloh. It's pretty inexpensive and can also be pretty wild, which was perfect for me. I could try out a pair of crazy new shoes for only about $25. So if 6 months from now I decide they are totally not me, I'll still have gotten enough wears out them to make it worth it at that price. Who knows, though? Maybe this will just be my first step into gigantic color block heels?

(Terrible picture of me wearing them on our recent Vegas trip.)

1 comment:

U said...

I can totally see one of the Spice Girls wearing these back in the day (and in no way is that an insult).