Monday, April 9, 2012

Rollaway Bar

I am way way too excited about what is essentially some rickety old shelves on wheels that I found at the Rose Bowl flea market. I mean, just look at that proud smile. I look like a kid who just learned to tie her shoes for the first time. But the reason why I'm so proud is because these rickety shelves on wheels (with a little elbow grease and a little love) have the potential to be the perfect rollaway bar. Just look at what 45 minutes of Windex and a few well placed bottles did to perk the thing up!

Doesn't seem like such a waste of $30 after all, does it? I've still got to get some sand paper, wood stain, wood glue, and a few screws in order to make my little bar ship shape. But once I'm done, I think it will have been worth the effort. I thought the bf was going to mock my moment of do-it-yourself-ness, but it turns out that he really likes having a designated bar. It clears off a lot of kitchen space. Plus, its a perfect mood setter for Mad Men!

PS: Wondering about the jars? (Probably not, but indulge me while I tell you about them.) The big Bulleit Whiskey bottles are from the RB flea too. They were $10 for 2. (If you buy them at the store, it's about $40 for 2, but they come filled with whiskey instead of empty so its not a bad deal.) I bought them so we can start infusing our own liquor at home. Right now, we've got a rosemary gin soaking. (Herb infusions seem to take a week or two.) This week, we'll do a habanero tequila in the other bottle. (That will only take a few hours.) The smaller bottles are from Reform School in Silverlake, and they contain some homemade syrups. Violet syrup in the tiny jar (made by boiling water, sugar, and dried violets from Spice Station) and grenadine in the larger jar (made by boiling POM juice and sugar). A pretty artisanal set up!

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Stephanie said...

SO CUTE!!! Looks like you had a successful trip AND got a great DIY project out of it.