Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trend: Military Vest with Leather Sleeves

When you follow a lot of blogs, you notice a convergence on certain trends. And sometimes that convergence happens at lightening speed, like this military vest with leather sleeves look that popped up on 3 different blogs in less than a week! The two ladies on the left (Christine and Wendy) are wearing a jacket from Zara's spring/summer offerings. I think Zara, on its own website, did a terrible job of styling this jacket, and if it weren't for these bloggers, I would not have given it a second thought. But now I've about 95% convinced myself I need this jacket in my life. The lady on the right (Krystal) is actually not wearing the same jacket! She DIY-ed herself the same look with an old Zara leather jacket and an Old Navy vest, which I think is brilliant and looks fantastic. Will you by jumping on board this military/leather trend (two styles of clothes I am in love with as you can tell by my Pinterest boards)? Or are you more of a polka dots woman?

UPDATE: It's official, this Zara jacket is everywhere.

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