Monday, April 30, 2012

Theyskens' Theory Canapa Wedges

As this post goes up, I am actually sitting in a classroom right now taking my 1st final. But that is really boring. No one wants to hear me talk about my copyright final. So instead I'm going to talk about something you will probably find only mildly less boring, but it is something that really excites me: new shoes!

I found the white canvas and wood version of the very popular Theyskens' Theory wedges on eBay for a steal. I love the blue velvet version that I found on Gilt awhile ago. So I'm always checking eBay for other TT wedges in my size. These are actually more comfortable than the velvet ones, and the canvas-wood combo makes them perfect for the summer! I am definitely going to be wearing these to graduation.

PS: If I could find the purple velvet, my collection would be complete! Anyone getting rid of their 6 or 6.5 purple velvet TT wedges by any chance?

PPS: That is a terrible picture of the blue velvet wedges. I clearly had not mastered my camera yet. They are much more beautiful than I made them seem. Just look here.

PPPS: I swear I will stop with shoe talk after this, but did you see the TT shoes for F/W 2012?!?! Be still my heart! Thank goodness I will have finally graduated and will be getting a paycheck again because I'm going to need this one and probably this one and, geez, maybe even this one too.


Julie at Modern Day Middle Age said...

I love these shoes and have been looking on ebay for them ... do they fit true to size? I really need them!

Florie said...

Truly the shoes of my dreams <3

Julie at ModernDayMiddleAge said...

Thanks so much for your advice! I got a fantastic deal on Ebay ... I love them! I did go a half size larger and am happy for my toes but need to put a little thing in the heels to keep them on. Truly an individual fit! I'm glad I got the 6.5, though, as there is no hell like too small shoe hell!

No worries on posting on my blog ... that was my last post so I get some comments on there that don't seem completely "thematic" to that post, if you know what I mean. I should fire that sucker up again, though!

Thanks again. I love your blog!