Friday, April 6, 2012

Paso Robles Winery Reviews (where I gush about J. Lohr)

The pictures above another glimpse of my spring break road trip. (I'm slowly getting the photos up!) This is wine tasting in Paso Robles. My friends and I stumbled upon the most amazing tasting room eeeeeever up here: J. Lohr. (Pictures 1 & 3. Pictures 4-8 are another winery with cute scenery but less memorable wines.) They're a decent sized brand, so you may have seen some of their mass produced wines in your grocery store. At their tasting room they do something a little unusual, they list 20-30 wines. Some are from their national labels, some are distributed only in selected locations via high end restaurants, and some are found only at the tasting room. You can pick any 6 from the whole list, so I picked 6 reds. 1 from the national labels, 3 from the select distribution group, and 2 from the tasting room only group.

I would not lie to you and exaggerate the quality of a tasting room, so believe me when I say that every single one of these wines was amazing. My friend, who usually is a beer drinker, also feel in love with all of her wines. We died and went to wine heaven! On top of that, our wine pourer (does that person have a title?) was sweet and friendly and gave us a 10% discount on the bottles we bought for no reason. But that's not all. When I got back to LA and unwrapped my wines, I realized the checkout lady gave me a chardonnay instead of the pinot noir that I had asked for. I called the tasting room, and they apologized and immediately overnighted me the correct wine! Talk about amazing customer service. The J. Lohr tasting room and their wines are not to be missed!


blue crab said...

Was that chicken for me? Dad.

Anonymous said...

I love the quirky nature of the vineyards you saw. You did a good job showing that.

Tristan said...

One of your pictures looks like the entrance to Lone Madrone - did you go?!

Paso Robles Wine said...

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