Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trend: Metallic Cap Toe Pumps

Louis Vuitton pumps as seen on The Clothes Whisperer, Nelly pumps as seen on Fashion Hippie Loves, leopard pumps of unknown origin (do you know who makes them?) as seen on Stockholm Street Style, Zara pumps as seen on Late Afternoon, Pringle of Scotland Pumps as seen on the RAW Shoes Blog, and Topshop pumps (sold out but similar here and here) as seen on Britt + Whit.

After Isabel Marant put Kate Moss in a pair of classic pumps in her fall 2010 campaign, simple pumps started creeping back into fashion. But while all of those Blahnik owners were busy saying "I told you so," designers were already looking for a way to spice up those simple pumps. So Marant ups the game with the cap toe pump. Then Zara sold a version last year that became a blogger staple. (Just see here and here and here.) But this year cap toes turned metallic, and I love this newest iteration! My favorite version that I've seen so far has to be this aqua pair with a rose gold cap toe by Nelly, but I certainly would not turn down any of the shoes above!


Elissa said...

I've been on the hunt for some great metallic cap toe pumps! Now I'll never be able to choose!


Rosalina721 said...

I really want to know where I can purchase those leopard print pumps! If you find out, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

The Search for J Street said...

I searched for the leopard pumps, but did not find anything. The closest thing I saw were these Jimmy Choo's, but they've got a chain on them. So they aren't quite the same.

Pumps: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/p/Jimmy-Choo-Cap-Toe-Leopard-Pump-Pumps/prod129140044/

Flats: http://www.taigan.com/shops/bobellisshoes/items/26809-jimmy-choo-berry-snow-leopard-by-jimmy-choo

Nancy S. Kelly said...

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