Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel -- Perfection!

You probably don't remember, but a little over a year ago I mentioned that I was so in love with this purse I spotted Amanda Brooks rocking on Garance Dore's blog that I was actually thinking of splurging and making it mine. Well 13 months later I finally took the plunge! Phillip Lim launched e-commerce a few weeks ago and offered shoppers 20% off their purchase in honor of the occasion. (PS: The 20% code is still good for another few days. Get the code here!) I was so tempted, but I still wasn't sure if I wanted to take my first step into designer purse territory. Up until now, I've mostly been a shoe addict, and all my purses have been $40 Macy's sale purchases. So, like any woman suffering a shopping crisis, I called my best friend, who at this point was probably just sick of me talking about this bag every few weeks for over a year. She talked me through color choices and assured me I would not regret the purchase and virtually held my hand as I submitted my credit card information.

A week later, this beauty arrived in the mail. The best friend was right, I do not regret getting this purse.* I freaking love it. It's incredibly sturdy. It fits my laptop. It can be ladylike and structured or laid back and slouchy (see photos below). The color is beautiful. And the textured leather is so luxurious looking. So happy (early) graduation, Cara. This is your present to yourself!

 So ladylike.

So laid back.

* I do kind of have a regret. I regret the damage potential this has for my credit card. Because now that I have the purse, I am so in love with it that I'm thinking of getting the green color too. If it goes on sale or pops up on eBay for a reasonable price, I cannot promise restraint!


Stephanie said...

Get it girl!!!! Such a great piece!

theBARBIEfication said...
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theBARBIEfication said...

How heavy is the bag? I'm also considering a Pashli for my new Fall bag, but I'm worried that they bag will feel heavy, and I already throw a lot of stuff into my purse as it is.

The Search for J Street said...

The bag itself is not very heavy, but it is large. So I often find I have weighed it down simply by filling it up. Like I've put my laptop (15 inches), some groceries, my wallet, my phone, my sunglasses case, and a book in there!