Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boston - Day 2

BU was cool. The actually building was definitely not as nice as Northwesten, but I sat in on this class with a great professor. They were talking about contracts, which I thought would be lame, but it was actually really interesting. When I got out of class, I was completely reassured that being a lawyer was going to be sooooooooo much better than being a paralegal, seeing as it appears that lawyers actually get to think for their job whereas all I do is put stickers on the corners of paper. You wouldn't believe how many lawyers are always telling you: "Don't be a lawyer" "You're not going to want to be a lawyer after you've worked at a law firm" "You could get such a better job" "Blah blah blah..." You know I'm sitting there thinking "Well, dude, there has to be something redeeming about the job. I mean, you haven't quit, and even if there isn't really anything redeeming, you don't spend you day sticking stickers!"

Anyways enough will talk about feelings and thoughts. After I was done at BU, I met up with the girls for more shopping! We hit up another consignment shop. It was pretty quality, and we all got something cute. They had a great jeans selection. Not only was I able to find a new pair that I loved, I also found these (which I promptly forced Erin to try one):

They're Apple Bottoms! The most hideous Apple Bottoms ever, but all the more fun for it! Erin was not happy about this little fashion show, but Katie J and I couldn't stop laughing. Here's Erin with, honest to God, the world's smallest butt. I mean she just doesn't have one, and we forced her into some Apple Bottom jeans. Can you see all the extra fabric below her ass? O man. Those were good times. Silly Erin!

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