Thursday, May 1, 2008

I got distracted

So I was going to post about the final part of my first day in Chicago, but I got tied up at work. Then by the time I got home, I was half starved. So making some dinner took precedence, and then Lost came on. Lost is like my kryptonite. I am totally incapable or doing anything escape stare at the TV for that one hour of the week.

Tonight's episode was not a disappointment. Jack's (and Claire's, for that matter) dead dad is back. Remember how he was always walking around when they first got to the island? Way back in season 1. Then one day, he just stopped showing up, and you always thought to yourself: "what was the deal with Jack's dead dad?" (Of course at this time, you didn't realize he was Claire's dad too.) Well maybe this time we'll get an answer....

Ha! Yea right! Lost is the TV embodiment of the Socratic method. They are just going to keep answering their questions with more questions, but gosh I love it. I keep coming back for more. Anyways since Lost distracted me from writing even a halfway decent post, I will try to appease you with some Lost eye candy and a promise to write something better tomorrow!

(Ok I know that was a shameless ploy to amuse you with attractive celebrities rather than witty and insightful writing. You, dear readers, deserve better, but to be perfectly honest, I can't promise you'll get any better on Thursday nights for the rest of the season. Sorry! I'm addicted!)

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