Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chicago Museums (Part 2)

We actually found a stone on the outside of the Freedom Museum from Delaware! (Not that I remember what it was from - some church or something - but I was excited nonetheless to see something from my home state!)

That was good enough for all of us so said goodbye to the Freedom Museum, and went on to... another museum! I know that might seem like quite a lot of museums in one afternoon, but remember that it is a rainy, miserable Chicago day. We welcomed any excuse to be inside, and getting a little culture is as good an excuse as any. So this time we were off to the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was pretty interesting. We saw a Karen Kilimnik exhibit which was infused with lots of Pink Panther and celebrity images. I am not really sure what the significance of any of it was. It was that type of modern art you are only going to understand if you bother to read all of the dissertations that these artists write, but it sure is interesting to look at. After the Kilimnik exhibit, we wandered around looking at the permanent collection. There were these giant clam shells you could play in. That was pretty cool. It's not every day you get to stand on modern art.

We had to vacate the clam shells pretty fast, though, because Katie J got in trouble for taking a picture in the museum, which was ok with me anyway because the kids were being greedy with the clam shell. I didn't want to play with them anymore. We mosied about a little more. We saw some animal cracker art. There was a framed tiger cracker. Then there was a framed elephant cracker, and then there was a framed poacher cracker! Afterwards, I tried to take some pictures that captured both the koi fish in the pond and the ones on my boots, but it was tough. The fish weren't very cooperative. So the pictures didn't come out very well, but you get the idea.

Well after 2 museums the crew was totally dried off and in no mood to walk around very much outside anymore. So in search of more shelter, we headed to the John Hancock Signature Room. This turned out to be a great idea (after we got through the absurd security which required us to be carded 3 separate times) because the top floor was just below the cloud level. So we sat up there, sipping on champagne, munching on brie, and grinning over how we had a great view of the top of the Sears tower disappearing into the clouds. It made me even more glad that we hadn't shelled out that $15 to go up there.

And then after all day tromping around in the rain, the sun came out. Go figure.

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