Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I got a maxi dress. Yay!... And also some more stories from Chicago

I've had this long time (like years long) obsession with maxi dresses. I saw Paris Hilton wearing one in a picture one day, and while I would normally never cite her as a style icon, the dress made her look cute and not whorish! I have been in love with them ever since, but they didn't become popular until recently. So I could never find them before. Then today I left the office, and there was one in the front display at H&M. I had to have it! And so here I am, playing and blogging in my living room, in my brand new maxi dress!

So swirly and fun! Yayayayay! I can't wait to wear it to work.... Ok obsessing over. More stories from the law school trip! I can't believe I am only on our second day in Chicago. So we woke up on day 2, and the weather had taken a turn for the worse. Much worse. It was cold and windy and raining, which was especially hard to deal with considering it was 80 degrees back in DC that day, but the whole crew was good sports about it. Erin and I put on our new galoshes. Katie J and Julia bundled up in raincoats, and we all headed downtown to see the sights. Before we saw anything, though, we got side tracked by a little cafe with a big sign on it about being featured on the Food Network. Erin being the Food Network junkie that she is squealed with delight as we went in to check it out.

Turns out we had stumbled upon the Bourgeois Pig Cafe. It was lovely inside with an amazing selection of food and teas. I really wanted to try a new tea, but the girl who waited on me seemed totally uninterested in giving me any sort of recommendation. So I chickened out and just got English breakfast. We all enjoyed our food a great deal, though, and were thoroughly entertained with all the books and games lying about. The place is just a haven for wasting time. I think it would be very dangerous on my productivity levels to live near it! If I did, I would probably spend most of my days doing crap life this:

We finally managed to get off our butts (not before buying cookie for the road, though) and first on the list of actual tourist attractions to check out was the Sears Tower. Now last time I came to Chicago there was 0% visibility from the top, and wouldn't you know it? There was 0% visibility again. So this is the most we ended up actually seeing of the tower:

Yep, that would be the good ole leg model in the lobby which doesn't cost $15 to see. I could feel the crew getting a bit downtrodden at this point. The weather and the disappointment of skipping over one of Chicago's most famous attractions was starting to wear on them. So I did what any good tour guide would do. I took them to The Bean. I wouldn't tell anyone beforehand what The Bean was except that is was amazing. I knew once we got there and they beheld the magic of The Bean, that they would be transformed by The Bean's mystical powers of happiness. Sure enough, smiles spread all over there previously pouty faces once the spied this masterpiece:

That's right. It's a giant, reflective bean. I know those of you who have never seen The Bean were doubting that anything called the The Bean would really be as awesome as I built it up to be, but now you see the flaw in your thinking because the The Bean truly is one of man's most awesome creations. First of all, it shielded us from the rain while we played below it. Second of all, taking pictures with it entertained us for a good half hour. It was just what the crew needed.

O such good times. After this, we were all revived (See! The Bean's mystical powers! I'm telling you! It's like we were brought back to life. Like in Mario when you eat the magic mushroom and it makes you all lively. Not that we were eating any magic mushrooms on this trip. It was just an analogy. Stop thinking bad thoughts! The Bean's powers have nothing to do with magic mushrooms. I was using a simile. Sheeeeesh.), and ready to conquer the city some more!

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