Friday, May 23, 2008

Boston, Night 2, We Travel to Cambridge

A long day of scouring the racks at more consignment shops left us all ready for some relaxing and nourishment. While we were sitting at the hotel planning our next step, one of my girlfriend from college, Courtney, called! She lives in the general Cambridge area. So we set out to have dinner there. I'd been to a place called the Daedalus in Cambridge before in my prior Boston explorations, and I remembered that their mojitos had been to die for. Since no one had a better suggestion, Daedalus it was. The mojitos were just as I remembered (mmmm yummy), and the other drink that Katie J had was equally delicious. I wish it had been warm enough to sit outside on the deck because the view of Harvard is so nice. We tried it, but, even though Boston's weather was waaaaay better than Chicago's, it still wasn't really outdoor deck weather. So in consideration of general comfort, we forwent the view for warmer pastures. Right as the appetizers arrived, wouldn't you know it, so did Courtney. That girl has timing.

Well if Courtney's grand scheme was to swoop in right as food was presented on the table, she did an admirable job. She got a few nachos and a few of mussels (of course I got mussels, gosh I just love them and get them at pretty much every new restaurant). Of course when the main dishes came, there was no sharing between my girl friends. It was everyone for themselves.

Yeeeeeeaaaaaa, those are not the faces of girls who want to share. In the end, actually, the food was only so-so. Decent but not amazing. Totally edible but not mind-blowing. Erin's risotto of the day was pretty enticing, but I think that was the most inspiring dish. My Daedalus burger was solid but nowhere near the top quality burgers I've had in my past. It was a bit overcooked, and really, I like my meat bleeding. (Mmmmm, bloody meat, yummy.)

Dessert was also a mix. Katie J liked her tiramisu, but it wasn't just kind of standard. Erin and Courtney split some chocolatey chocolate dessert which they loved and was also presented wonderfully.

I thought it seemed a little silly that the syrup flower was bigger than the chocolately chocolate thing, but apparently it was so rich that that was all they needed. They gave their dessert 2 thumbs up. I got an Irish coffee for dessert. It was waaaaay heavy on the Jameson. (Bleh!) In the end I came away with the same thing I thought the first time I went to the Daedalus, the mojitos are awesome.

Afterwards Courtney had to go home, silly girl with work the next day, but she did take us to John Harvard's so we could hang out for a little bit longer and soak up the Boston/Cambridge atmosphere. John Havard's was a chill place. They had a good beer selection and relaxed bartenders. I liked it a lot. I liked it even more as observed all the people around us. There was the string group that had come to hang out after some performance. They sat in their corner and quietly played their lively string songs under the cover of the bar standards of 80's rock songs. Then there was the drunk guy stood up on the table to scream, "I need a beer! Where's my waiter?!" The bartenders were a little less than amused. Needless to say that, I have learned, is the quickest way to never get another beer in that bar again. It was, generally, an interesting scene with no pretension, and I would definitely go back on my next Boston adventure.

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