Monday, January 16, 2012

Lunch at the Blue Crab Grill

Have I mentioned that my father is a chef? (I joke. I know I've told you all about this. Plus half my readers are my family, so you all knew this.) Anyway while I was home over break, I met up with an old friend at Dad's restaurant for a leisurely lunch break during her drive home. Everything was just as delicious as I remembered! I got the crab imperial melt with avocado substituted for the usual tomato. My friend got a special--a grilled cheese with ham and mushroom. Dad is also in the process of upgrading his bar. The first step looks fantastic! I can't wait to show you the finished product this summer. Or if you're in Newark DE over the next few months, you can check it out yourself!


Ryan said...

Whoa, wait, Dad's a chef?

The Search for J Street said...

I totally laughed out loud at this comment. I am such a nerd.