Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Annual Longwood Gardens Pilgrimage

Every year I go to Longwood Gardens with my family to see the holiday decorations, and every year Longwood outdoes its previous efforts. This year in the music room, there was an incredible (and edible) display of giant gingerbread trees and candy versions of the Du Pont house and greenhouse! It was much more impressive than the antique perfume bottles that were on display last year. Also this year we dined at the restaurant on the grounds--a first for me. The crab cakes with grapefruit were an unexpected but delicious combination! My only complaint is that there was no mulled wine being sold like last year. Warm spiced wine would have been perfect on such a cold night.

Below, Christmas trees designed and decorated by local school children. They have different themes every year and are always one of my favorite displays.

PS: If you are thinking of going next year, plan in advance! Longwood now requires timed tickets to help alleviate crowds.

UPDATE: My brother wants me to let you know that he's working on becoming a multi-millionaire so he can open a Longwood 2 that is just as good but without the crowds. I'm sure he'll accept donations if you feel like donating to this cause :)


Ryan said...

Tell your blog readers about my planned Longwood 2 to alleviate the holiday crowds.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Ry!