Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Vertical" Apple Parsnip Salad (+ Soup)

I had bought some apples that turned out to be not very crisp inside. (Don't you hate that?) I didn't want to eat them raw so I investigated cooking options. This apple parsnip soup came up on Epicurious so I gave it a shot. (It's good, but not nearly as good as the other soups I have made up on my own since.* If I get motivated this weekend, I'll share.) Then with the left over apples and parsnips, I made a "vertical" side salad based on this concept. Except my side salad was shaved parsnips, almond slices, and chopped onions mixed in a homemade honey mustard (honey + mustard + a little bit of lemon juice) with layers of romaine. Also my salad did not stand up as well as the picture from the recipe, but that's probably because the other guy's cheating and there's some vertical-salad-holder in the background. But all in all it was a tasty, healthy dinner, and I used up every single one of those mushy apples!

* But thanks to this soup, I now love making pureed veggie soups. You feel (almost) like you are eating a cream based soup, but all the ingredients are actually vegetables! Decadent yet healthy, and absolutely perfect for the winter. Plus, you can make a big batch or a few varieties and then just reheat individuals portions throughout the week. Super easy.

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