Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July Feasting

My boyfriend and I didn't go anywhere or plan anything special for the 4th, but we still managed to throw together a pretty festive and delicious dinner. I tried my hand at making potato salad for the first time. Turns out its super easy! So that went well. Then I baked some brussels sprouts and boiled some corn, while my boyfriend grilled some brats for us. We finished off with some red-white-and-blue skewers. (We also decimated a brownie cake topped with whipped cream and more berries that I made, but I wasn't able to resist diving into it long enough to take a picture.) We finished the night watching some fireworks that we could see in the distance from our balcony.

How was your holiday?

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Anonymous said...

Looked like you had quite a feast. Ours was simple fare- hot dogs and hambugers, But, it was good to spend a day at the beach and see family.