Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Neutrals & Neons or Just Neutrals?

Image sources: belt, shoes, shirt, pants, skirt.

Neutrals and neons? (Click to expand.)
Image sources: black 1, light grey, tan, dark grey, black 2.

Or just neutrals? (Click to expand.)

As I grow up and try to prune my wardrobe down to pieces I would wear all the time, I struggle with the age old dilemma of wanting to invest in classics but also wanting to look on trend. Sometimes the trends are classic, like stripes and slim cut cropped pants. But sometimes you know trends are going to look dated, like floral pants and logo bags. I'm not sure which category neons fall into, although if I had to guess (based on the 80s) it would be the soon-to-be-dated category. But still I love the fun kick they add to outfits and have invested in some. (These in festival green and these in citron yellow. Both on sale right now!) I am hoping I can get more than one season of wear out of my neon pieces by pairing them with neutrals like the first group of ladies (rather than going the oh-so-popular color blocking route). But then I see how incredibly chic and timeless the neutral pieces without the neon look on the second group of ladies, and I wonder if I am going to kick myself in 12 months for buying green jeans instead of a little black dress. What do you think?

PS: Whenever I need a reminder to refrain from buying something at F21, H&M, etc., I watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Thomas Crown Affair (the new one). Chicest movies ever!

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Channing in The City said...

I think either, depending on your mood. I love that you watch Breakfast at Tiffany's to keep you from shopping at Forever21, what a good idea.

I've never seen the other movie, I'l have to look into that.