Friday, July 27, 2012

Mast Brothers Chocolate

I made it to Mast Brothers during my brief 26 hours in New York City! It was intoxicating. The smell of chocolate was intense but unlike any chocolate I had smelled before. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that when someone uses extremely high quality ingredients and fine techniques, the end product will be nothing like your average Hershey's bar. But it was still an eye opening experience to sample the bars and actually be able to identify different flavors from each bean. As far as the basic chocolate bars go, I loved Moho River which has fruity hints. But I also tried some of the flavored bars. They are all very intense. By far my favorite was the Stumptown coffee bar. So good! Even better than actual Stumptown coffee, I think. If you find yourself in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, Mast Brothers is an absolute must! And be sure to try a brownie too!

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kyleen said...

My mouth dropped when I saw these pictures. Wow is all I can say. I need to go here one day.