Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend Farmer's Market

Downtown LA has a farmer's market almost every single day of the week, but it wasn't until this past Sunday that one opened up on the weekends. It just goes to show how downtown is transitioning from a place where people only hang out from 9-5 on weekdays to a place where people live and hangout on the weekends. The farmer's market was small with most of the same vendors at the weekday markets, but it's a start. It's good to see organic produce taking over an otherwise unsavory corner even if it is only for a few hours on a Sunday. I took home some greens I'd never heard (to be used in stir fries), I got a great deal on some sunflowers, and I got a habanero dip for my boyfriend. All in all, a fruitful and delicious excursion.


Anonymous said...

The market looks nice. You should see your Dad's blackberries and some green zucchini. They are great this year.

Alwand Blog said...

amazing photos