Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Done with the Bar! Now off to New York and Paris!

Hey guys, guess what?! I finished taking the bar yesterday! EEEEEEEEE! Now we just have to keep our fingers collectively crossed that I actually passed. So I never have to put up with another 2 months of this:

Actually I mock, but these were two of my favorite video lecturers. They were very . . . animated. They kept me from falling asleep. But still I'm excited to leave those fellas behind and, instead, spend time in NYC with some friends from college who have kindly agreed to celebrate my new freedom with me. I'm thinking coffee and croissants in the park and then maybe a tour of Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory? Followed by copious amounts of wine, of course.

Then on Saturday, I'm off to Paris with my little brother. I absolutely cannot wait to spend 15 days looking at art in the morning, having a leisurely lunch, spending afternoons reading in the parks or shopping on cobblestone streets, and then roasting veggies and finishing a bottle of wine for dinner. It sounds like absolute perfection when you've spent the last 2 months studying or (more often) feeling guilty because you weren't studying. I'll be sure to send lots and lots of updates!

All image sources: fireworks, Kaplan screenshots are my own handiwork, the City, celebratory cake, taxis, champagne, Eiffel Tower.


Bar Wiz said...

Congrats on finishing the bar!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Have a wonderful time in Paris with "the little brother".