Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Berkeley Trip

Traveling outfit: Zara sweater, Gap pants, Zara flats. Hiking outfit: AA leggings, vintage grey sweatshirt, vintage puffy vest.

So going up to Berkeley this past weekend was fantastic. As I said, my trip started off with my new fisherman's sweater and leopard flats. I was a little warm on the car ride up, but I was glad for the sweater at night when temperatures dropped. I was actually cold because of something other than the air conditioner at school being cranked up to high! It was refreshing.

Although I was not in town very long, I felt like my friend Jennifer showed me a lot. We stopped by the Oakland Art Murmur, wandered around her adorable neighborhood, had a satisfying amount of coffee and scones, went on a 3 hour hike in the gorgeous Tilden Park, ate Cheeseboard pizza on the median like a real Berkeley-ite, baked a pumpkin cheesecake, and went to a lovely restaurant called Wood Tavern for dinner. All the while, we were surrounded by more fall foliage than I had seen in years! The whole experience made me want to visit Jennifer again as soon as possible.


Jennifer said...

You are welcome to come and visit again any time!

Anonymous said...

Looked like a great time!