Thursday, October 13, 2011

And the Best LA Bartender is . . .

 And the best LA Bartender is . . . apparently not the guy who I liked the best. At the Best LA Bartender Competition this past weekend, the judges awarded first place to the Su Novia and fourth place to my favorite, the Blues in Orbit. At least all the other amateur drinkers agreed with me, and the Blues in Orbit won the people's choice award. And even though the judges didn't come out how I thought they should, the event was still pretty fun. As you can see, a ton of drinks came with the price of admission, and the cooler weather made open air lounge a lovely place to spend the afternoon. If they have event again next year, I highly recommend it. My 2 suggestions, though, would be to eat first (there's was practically no food) and to get there early and get all your drinks immediately (then you can sip on them slowly while you watch everyone else stand in line for 40 minutes).

PS: Notice the leopard flats again? Yes, I do intend to wear them every day until they fall apart. They are that comfy and cute!

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog when you blend your humor along with the info.