Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aqualillies Perform at the Roosevelt Hotel

I have so much to tell you all! I was organizing my pictures and I realized that I have been having doing so much and not posting enough. First up, I went to see an Aqualillies performance at the Hotel Roosevelt the weekend before last. One of the other Art Law board members from last year (you can see her here in the last picture with me in the white dress), is a part-time professional synchronized swimmer (as if being a law student was not enough of a job!). Usually her performances are for private events, so we can never come cheer her on. But on this particular night, they were performing as part of some goofy MTV reality show that the public was allowed to come to (i.e. MTV needed people in the background to make it look like a good party). It was interesting to see the behind the scenes on one of those reality shows (there is about 5 minutes of filming for every 2 hours spent waiting around), but it was more interesting to finally see the Aqualillies! I thought their routine was really impressive! And the random MTV crowd seemed to be loving it!

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So really interesting! A very different experience and blog to do.