Saturday, April 12, 2008

Greetings from Chi-town!

O man, funny story - get this... So last night we stopped into some random bar in our neighborhood after seeing Baby Wants Candy (which was awesome! and I will give more details later, but first...). That bar was called something super generic like Chi Town Pub or Chi Town Bar. We get in. Have a few buttery nipples. Order a pitcher of beer. Then it all of a sudden clicks for Julia (who is my genius friend getting her Phd at Hopkins but who for some reason doesn't always function in the common sense level). She says, "Oooo. Chi Town means Chicago! Not an abbreviation for Chinatown!" No I kid you not. Direct quote. Could I make this shit up? Well ok, I probably could, but I didn't. This is her 4th time visiting Chicago, and she just now gets what Chi Town means? O Julz! That is totally why I keep you around. You're sills.

Anyways life in Chicago has generally awesome. We've done a ton of stuff so far and had some super yummy food. I don't even know where to begin! O I did actually look at a law school too.

Seeeee. This trip isn't aaaaall play. (Just 96.2% play.) But we're off to grab some true Chicago deep dish. So I'll have to wait until tomorrow for more details. I'm sorry to keep you in such nail biting anticipation. I know you are just dying to here what we've been up to here, but you will just have to wait a bit longer. Trust me, all the suspense will just make it that much better. Ok off to paint Chi Town red! (That one's for you Julz. Sorry, I can't help but poke fun a little!)

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