Thursday, April 10, 2008

Off we go!

Search for J Street will be on the road for the next 10 days! I'm off to visit law schools/ditch out on work and play around in other cities. Tomorrow morning (actually in like 6 hours - man I need to get to bed), Erin and I are catching a plane to Chicago where we are meeting 2 girl friends from high school. We have the weekend in Chicago. On Monday we head to Boston. On Wednesday we make a quick stop in New Haven just to eat at this amaaaaazing sushi place called Miya. (I went to visit a friend at Yale once, and he took me there. Now ever since I have been trying to get back with Erin. It is honest to God just that good. So good we are diverting the trip just to have dinner there. So good we have set away hundreds to eat there. So good my heart is pounding just thinking about the sheer unmatched deliciousness. O sooo good.) Then Erin heads home while I play around in NYC from Thursday through the weekend. Aaaah! All so exciting! Adventures to be had and what not!

There is one sad part about leaving, and that is leaving all this gorgeous weather which I have not yet had a chance to enjoy in order to spend my days slushing around in snow in Chicago and rain in Boston. I am way sad that my trip couldn't have been more perfectly timed to miss the beautiful days in each city. We literally are arriving with the rain and then bringing it to the next city with us. This would normally make me a pouty girl. But I'm not because THESE arrived yesterday:

My koi fishy galoshes! I know, I know. They are maybe the coolest thing eeeeever! So now I can suck up all the rainy dismal weather because my feet with be styling! Nothing is going to keep me from exploring. The metaphorical search for J Street will go on in Chicago, Boston, and New York. I will be blogging from the road. So I'll be sure to post some pictures of the boots in action when I update you all on my life. (Ok, I realize you probably are not nearly as impressed with my fishy boots as I am, but you're going to have to humor my new obsession until the novelty wears off. Sorry, that's just how it is. So your better pretend to be impressed with all these fishy boot pictures or else! Or else what, you say? Or else we're not friends anymore! What?! You do not have other friends. Well fine. I don't need you either.)

(No, I do need you! Come back! I promise to keep the fishy boot pictures to minimum, ok? Good. Let's never fight again!)

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