Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ack! Technical Difficulties!

I am having a bit of a technical issue. (I never thought I would get savvy enough with my blog features that I would have technical issues. It's kinda cool!) See I took all these different videos of stuff during the trip, thinking that these videos would compliment my witty posts and give you, the reader, a fuller sense of how awesome the law school trip has been. But Blogger is being a poo poo head, and won't let me load any of my videos! So the only solution that I've come up with is to start a youtube channel, upload my videos there, and then embed them in my blog. This, however, is a lot of steps, and I have had neither the time nor solid internet access to accomplish this. (Unless anyone out there has a less time consuming solution. I'm all ears!) So, sadly, you all will have to wait until I get this video feature up and running. I am shooting to get that done next week. Then I plan on holing myself up in my living room and blogging until the ends of the world the following weekend because I know you, dear readers, are dying to hear about the law school trip adventures (and also because I have spent so much money on this trip - which is not even over yet! - that I cannot actually afford to leave the apartment for the next month except to go to work - which is super sad because half of the money was spent on cute new clothes!) So bear with me! I promise I will get this worked out, and it will bring us to a whole new level in our blog relationship. Blog second base! Sweet action in a bottle!

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