Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Home again, Home again, Jiggety-jig: Search for J Street back at the E-Market

I made my first trip of the year to Eastern Market this weekend. Mostly I made the trip to appease my girlfriends from New York who were in town (since the produce specifically the heirloom tomatoes haven't really kicked into full gear yet - which is a lot of what I go for... mmm heirloom tomatoes... sooo yummy). See I had this skirt that I got at Eastern Market way back in the summer of '06 when I was interning on the Hill. My senior year roommate loved the skirt so much that she pretty much never gave it back the entire year we lived together. For real, I think it was actually hanging in her closet at certain points in the year when she had just totally given up on the charade of "borrowing" it, which was fine because it is a very bold skirt and, unlike her, I only had a hankering to wear it every once in awhile. Since this was her first trip to DC since she first laid eyes my skirt, she had a strong desire to check out the market for herself and see if she could find something she liked equally as well. The other NYC visitor and all of us DC natives were up for something quasi cultural anyways. So we all headed down.

It was a great day for checking out the market. I mean firstly, it had finally stopped raining. God it rains a lot in this city. (In fact I finally got so sick off all this rain I broke down and ordered new galoshes even though I had been trying to save money for my upcoming law school trip. I just couldn't take the wet feet anymore. And I was ruining my H&M walking shoes - ok yes, the shoes were only $12 but stiiiiill. I'd like them to last at least a season. And anyways I'd had my eye on these boots forever. They have koi fish on them and are hot! I can't wait until tomorrow when they arrive!) And secondly, it wasn't too cold out either. I even got away with wearing a dress! Gosh I miss dress season! So there was lots of frolicking in bare legs and window shopping. Even thought the market is not really in full swing yet, I already saw a ton of things I am coveting! Exhibit 1: This super adorable, perfectly round ottoman. Aw if it was a person, you'd totally be pinching its little cheeks right now!

Exhibit 2: Colorful things! I heart colorful things! Especially the chandelier below! If the walls in our apartment weren't made of out paper, Erin and I would have totally gotten it. Sadly I can't even hang a bitty little picture without the plaster caving in so we'll have to wait until we get a little more quality of a place to hang a chandelier.

Exhibit 3: Which-one-of-these-is-not-like-the-other watering cans. Perfect as an art statement in our little patio garden! I feel like these watering cans were a little over priced, but I am totally considering making the statement with some equally cute but maybe cheaper ones later in the summer.

Exhibit 4: Vintage sunglasses. Ok actually I don't really covet these since they are so big on everyone's head, but I do love how fun they are to play dress up in. I totally miss being 10 and playing dress up. To this day theme parties are still my favorite because for that night its ok to be 20-something and still playing dress up.

Exhibit 5: Huge cuffs. O lust!

Exhibit 6: The tin ceiling pane framed mirrors! I have wanted one of these since we moved to DC, but never bring enough money to Eastern Market to afford one. Plus it always kills me how overpriced they seem, but I know at some point this summer I am going to cave and buy one. I just cannot resist their seductive call much longer. It's like this mirror is telling me: "Cara, look how good your bare, warm season legs and sweet little dress look in me. Just take me home , and I will tell you how good you look all the time!" O tin ceiling pane framed mirror, you're so bad! But I like it.

O but the best moment of exploring Eastern Market was when Allie found a dress in the exact same print as the skirt I bought 2 summers ago! (See skirt in this post for comparison.) We were never expecting to see that print again, and yet there it was. She almost bought it just for the sheer coincidence factor, but in the end we decided that the pattern was a little much for an entire dress. O well, I guess that just means I will have to deal with Allie still borrowing my skirt whenever she gets the chance. Fortunately for me we live in different cities now, instead of the same room. So I'm no too worried about it. (I'm far more worried about how I am going to afford all the Miu Miu embellished heels that I am dying for this season!)

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