Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Aaaah! Another Blog Celeb Sighting!

You guys are not going to believe what happened today! (Ok from the title of the post you probably already guessed that it has to do with a blog celeb sighting, but when I get to that part of the post, just act surprised anyway, will ya? Just humor me!)

So I decided that working at this corporate law firm was a good way to pay the bills and get my foot in the legal door, but it's not really one of those jobs that makes me feel good about my contribution to society... well... because basically my contribution to society is killing trees by printing endless unneeded documents for companies that probably did something bad.

(Photo courtesy of Gail van Varseveld)

In the grand scheme of the universe of karma, I don't think I'm doing very well at the moment, and so I decided to try and volunteer. The first thing that came to mind was the local paper, Street Sense. I had thought when I first moved to DC that it was some sort of scam, but then I read it once. There was one left over at the Greek Spot while I was waiting for my food one night. I can still remember so clearly, when I realized that the whole paper was dedicated to giving the poor and homeless in DC a voice, how impressed I was with the endeavor and how mad I was at myself for being so judgmental of the paper at first. So when they finally emailed me back about volunteering, I jumped at the chance to go to their orientation tonight!

I wandered into the church where Street Sense is located, and, after a bit of stumbling, finally found the bell for the Street Sense suite. Tromp tromp tromp. Someone comes down the stairs to let me in, and it is none other than Betsy who write the blog Fashion is Spinach! The best part was, she opened the door and says, "O my gosh, it's you!"


Well to be more accurate she recognized my coat (the one from my shopping spree at The Remix. It's a pretty unmissable coat), but what a small world! Fashion is Spinach is one of my fav blogs ever, and one day Betsy wrote about how she was from Delaware in a post. Which is crazy because I am from Delaware too!

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So I wrote her an email (which I've never done before - well not that I've never written an email. Of cooooourse I've done that. I mean I've never written one of my bloggers before). And then she wrote me back! So I sent her my blog, and obvi she reads it because she remember the coat. Which is equal part embarrassing and flattering because as much as I adore my little J Street blog, Fashion is Spinach is way better. Betsy's been doing the whole writing thing for quite some time longer. Well anyways she was there to volunteer too, and so I am hoping I run into her again. Blog celeb sightings are so fun!

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ms. spinach said...

ha! it was fun for me too. so sorry we didn't get to say goodbye, but hope to see you soon!