Friday, February 8, 2008

My Re-debut into Society

So my life, until this past Saturday, had been consumed with studying for the Lsat's, but as of February 2nd, I am free from that test forever! (Unless I bombed it. In which case I'll probably have to go through the whole again ordeal come June, but let's all cross our fingers that that doesn't happen because I am just a way more fun person when I am not stressing and studying and stressing about studying constantly.) So now that I am willing to go out on week nights again, my awesomely supportive friends, Amy and Steph, decided we needed to celebrate. So Steph (who is not only a fabulous event planner but also has lived through the Lsat's herself and thus totally understood the importance of the occasion) came up with a girls' night full of fashion and food. It was perfecto!

We started off the night at Sangaree which is this very chic boutique all the way at the end of Georgetown. They were having a little fashion show to promote their new spring looks which were all from Alvin Valley and Ports 1961. The clothes were so classy but not a bit stuffy, and I am not totally coveting this Ports brown dress for work and play. It's like a mullet: business in the front, party in the back. (But it is unlike a mullet, this dress is beauuuuutiful.)

Sangaree was also offering free cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. So after 2 pomegranate martinis, I had released enough inhibition to have mini splurge on this blue and white striped pencil skirt. Those clever bastards, mixing yummy cocktails and beautiful clothing. They must have known my will power to save money would crumble in the face of such opposition. The best part of the night, though, was when Steph spotted Tall Redheaded Lawyer BFF of ASJiNE blogger Johanna. For Steph and I, huge ASJiNE fans, this almost constituted a celebrity sighting. (I know that sounds kinda pathetic, but I dare you to start reading ASJiNE and not get sucked in! I tried in the beginning to resist. I thought she a bit judgmental, but she slowly seduced me back to her blog.)

After all the energy spent ooo-ing and aah-ing the clothes, we needed some serious sustenance. Fortunately Pizzeria Parasdiso is right next door. The pizza was good, but really it was their Sangria that sold me. That was fantastic! We contemplated going out after the pizza, but Erin and I decided just to head home. Seeing as it was not too bad of a night out, we were up for the long walk from Georgetown back to our U Street digs. The long walk is always nice after Erin and I get boozy because we love revisiting the same 3 conversation topics every time we drink, and this walk was long enough for us to hit on pretty much every one of them. We are so predictable. I heart it.

Also when Steph sends me pictures from the fashion show, I'll post them!

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