Sunday, February 24, 2008

Supreme Court Justices Give Me an Appetite

I made time on Thursday night to go see Chief Justice Breyer speak at the 6th and I Synagogue (which is very beautiful inside. So beautiful, I thought for a second that I should be Jewish because they have just got everything - intellectual substance and good decorating taste, but then I remembered how much I like pork. I just don't think I could give up delicious sausage for anyone, not even you, God. I'm sorry. I know you're all about personal sacrifice but sausage?! That's tantamount to asking Abraham to kill his son, and you didn't make him go through with it. Anyways...) My coworker and I got there a little late because we were busy slaving away for the man and wasting our youth furthering corporate profits of which we see almost nothing. So we had to sit way on the side in the balcony. It made it a little hard to hear with the positioning of the speakers and Breyer being a somewhat soft spoken man anyway. However, I still could hear how alive and quick he was in responding to questions. It's nice to know that even though he's my grandfather's age, he doesn't sound like my grandfather. (I love you, Pop pop! You are fabulous! I just think maybe we should leave the Supreme Court decisions to someone with law experience and who doesn't try to convince me that he's a leprechaun every time I come over.)

Well now that acting like a mature young adult who is concerned about the world around her had ceased for the night. We raided the desert buffet and munched on cookies while we headed to Matchbox for a late dinner. I was starved by this point. Absolutely famished. I thought I might not make it, but the promise of an oven baked specialty pizza held me through. I crawled up the stairs to come of Matchbox's 20 hidden rooms that you totally don't even realize are there. With my last ounce of strength, I took my first bite of Mozzi Carozzi and was completely revived. You should definitely try it. It's got to be the most gourmet mozzarella stick ever, and for those of you who don't think mozzarella sticks can be gourmet, well you're wrong. I'm sorry. This isn't an opinion thing. We can't agree to disagree. You need to just go try the Mozzi Carozzi, and then you need to apologize for not believing me. Also during this trip to matchbox, I just found out the most fantastic thing. You can get any pizza split 1/2 and 1/2. So I was able to get 1/2 spicy meatball and 1/2 steak with bell peppers. Both yummy, but I'd recommend the steak. It has this cream sauce thing going on. It was great. Insert Meg Ryan's faux orgasm (or forgasm as I like to call it) display here.

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