Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wilco: My Pop Quiz Kid, A Sleepy Kisser, A Pretty War, With Feelings Hid

So again with the sporadic posting. The only real break so far in my longest week ever was last night when my girlfreind Steph and I went to the Wilco concert!

We had some vino
(notice the silly drunky posing) and then we rocked out to a fantastic concert. NPR was there broadcasting it. You can check it out here, and you really should. I can't say enough about how amazing it was. (Specifically the little horns solo at about the 1:27 mark in the show. Everyone totally went from chill swaying to all out dancing for those 10.8 seconds.) Also all of Jeff Tweedy's random comments are very amusing, like the one where he talks to some crazy lady in the front who brought her doll to the concert. (Cuckoooo. Loooove it!) The next goal is to swindle New Pornographers tickets out of someone since I missed the presale on that. Anyone want to just give them to me?

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