Thursday, February 14, 2008

Filler Post

So Erin's and my Valentines Day dinner was lovely, and I will share all about it this weekend. However, right now I am so exhausted from work/dinner/cleaning up the apartment/being sick that I am going to have to put up a filler post in the mean time. So while you all (and by you all I mean Jamie and Steph and my mom since they are definitely 90% of our reader base) wait for a more substantive post, you can watch this lovely music video of the song from the new MacBook Air commercial. The singer (Yael Naim) is such a sweet looking person singing such a sweet little song. You totally just want to be her friend after watching her video, and if you're anything like me and get into repetitive little funks, you'll just sit at work all day and watch her video a million times while ignoring your... um... less favorite coworkers.

If that's not satisfying you, check out Sarah Bareilles' equally fun-girl-sing-along video of "Rhapsody for your TV" commercial fame.

Since I am now in a talented-female-artists-make-me-smile mood, let's throw in a little Tristan Prettyman goodie. She was introduced to me by one of those people who was never really a boyfriend but is still kind of an ex, and even though we didn't even come close to working out, I still got to steal some good music out of his collection, like Tristan. Finally, I'll leave you with Kina Grannis. She just won this super sweet contest hosted by Doritos during the Super Bowl which landed her a prime time spot to debut her video and a record deal. I found out about her because my work bff is actually great friends with her because they went to the same high school back in Cali. Before she ever won the contest, I was a total convert. Watch her video and just try not to be won over by how adorable she is. You just want to go shopping at thifts stores and dip your french fries in ice cream with her.

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