Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cafe Milano? More like Cafe Yummy-o (that's Italian for delicious)

Tomorrow Erin and I are going out to dinner for Valentines day. We don't make it out to eat together all that often (unless you include the Greek Spot which some of you may not because technically its fast food but I totally consider the Greek Spot fine dining because it is indeed fiiiiine - o gyros I love you so), and I am really excited because we are trying one of the restaurants on our list! You'll have to wait around for the post on it to find out where we went. (O the suspense. I know you'll be back for that. Don't lie. You haaaave to know.) All this excitement had me reminiscing on one of Erin's and my first nights out together on the town at Cafe Milano for her birthday.

Happy birthday! Blow out the candle and make a wish!

Good job, Erin, but don't tell anyone or it won't come true. That dessert, by the way, was as delish as it was pretty, just like everything else that night. Erin and I went through and ordered pretty much one of every type of food they offered: inventive appetizer, salad, pizza, and pasta dish. Then just split it all. They were all great, but the hands down fav was the pasta. It was pumpkin stuffed, and the flavor of the whole dish was perfecto (that's Italian for perfect - look how fluent you are becoming while reading this post!). Sometimes I feel like restaurants add flavors like pumpkin because they are trendy at the moment or in season, but they don't really use the flavor to its full potential. They cover it up with too many other flavors, or they cook in a way that diminishes flavor instead of enhancing it. Cafe Milano, however, really worked it! The pumpkin was strong and sweet, and it went so well with the creamy but light sage sauce. These kids know how to do Italian pasta. Don't get me wrong. I love some myself some absurdly cheesy, American-style Alfredo smothered all over some grilled chicken and tortellini, but (guilty pleasures aside) this is how pasta dishes were meant to be done.

Also the champagne was yummy-o (remember that's Italian for delish - I'm testing you to make sure these language lessons have really been ingrained). I preordered Erin a bottle of Vueve because I stand by the belief that no matter what the occasion (birthday, wedding, dentist appointment, or Chris having the chance to make it to the final 3 on Project Runway), you cannot go wrong with a glass of bubbly!

(By the way, this picture is actually from Erin's dentist appointment post celebration.... Haha no. I kid. It's from her bday. Erin doesn't get her teeth cleaned. She's dirty.... No no. I kid again. She's clean. Sometimes.)

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