Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stealing an old post

Search for J Street was not my first blog. I know its hard to believe since in the last week and half J Street has become so intertwined in my life that it has become hard to see myself ever being with another blog, but its true. My old blog was not, however, without a few fun posts before we closed down shop, and so tonight I am going to steal the post about Solly's trivia night.

And I quote: "The best kept secret in DC has to be Solly's trivia night. Erin and I had been dying to go, but they only host it every other Wednesday. We were always getting our Wednesdays confused, and Erin used to work at night. So even if we did remember, she was probably working. Alas, the trivia gods finally shined on us, though. Erin got a fabulous new job with regular hours, and we remembered that this was trivia week! Off we went, joined by our fabulous teammates, Steph and Courtney. We called ourselves "The Figgies" because figs are very trendy right now.

Thanks for spelling it phonetically, Erin. We wouldn't want them to be confused by our nonsense name. Now for the first 3 rounds we were actually doing really well. We couldn't believe it. We were in first place! I kid you not. Look:

Ok, I know that's impossibly hard to see, but trust me. It is us. I just have a crappy camera. Our beginners luck ran out after that, but the night was in no way diminished. In fact we could have gotten every answer wrong, and I still would have been content to sit there and wallow in my own stupidity. Why? B/c the DC rugby team hosts this trivia night, and they are hot! I couldn't believe that we were the only all girls team in the place. Maybe it's because Solly's is all the way on the end of U St. Maybe it's because Solly's doesn't look like anything special from outside. I don't know. What I do know is that The Figgies will be at every trivia night from here on out, ogling the rubgy men. And get this. On top of being hot and hosting trivia, they spotlight charities during the trivia nights and collect money for them. Men who are hot and have hearts of gold! What a great night. Plus my ipod won a contest for best playlist, and they bought us a round of drinks! (The secret was to load the playlist with a bunch of Irish drinking songs. We couldn't lose!)

Then, when I left to go to work this morning, I stumbled into something strange on our patio and remembered that Erin and I stole a bale of hay last night. I blame that last round of drinks. We can't be held responsible for our actions when we are on a post-best-ipod-playlist-celebration buzz.

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