Monday, February 11, 2008

As promised...

Fashion show pictures!

Thanks to Steph for being my photog when I forget my camera! Also, as if selling fab clothes and putting on fun parties with free booze were not enough to make me heart this store, Sangaree happens to be run by legitimately awesome women. At the party Steph got this super hot yet refined dress (think Dita Von Teese-esque) that she wanted to wear on her upcoming work trip. Well a few hours before her flight, Steph goes to pack the new dress and realizes it still has that annoying plastic theft-prevention thingy on it. (Although, the plastic thingy is apparently not doing its job very well seeing as Steph walked out of the store without a single alarm going off. So Sangaree might want to check into putting actual working alarms on their clothes and not just big plastic pins for show. I hear the alarms are much more effective.)

Anyways she calls the store (everyone is very apologetic in a totally sincere way for the inconvenience they caused her) and drives over there on her way to the airport in order to have them remove it. Of course there is no parking anywhere though, I mean this is Georgetown, but Steph is up against a flight deadline. She doesn't have any extra time to deal with parking. So she calls the store again to explain the predicament as she is driving around the block. One of the Sangaree ladies, still apologizing the whole time, runs out and jogs by Steph's car as Steph throw out the dress during her second loop around the block, and by the time Steph is on her third loop, the lady has returned with the plastic free dress in hand. She jogs with the car again as she throws the dress back in and waves good bye wishing Steph a great flight. What great service, right?! Steph made her flight and got to wear her dress!

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