Sunday, February 17, 2008

October is National Pizza Month... We Celebrated a Little Early at 2 Amy's

So it was gourmet pizza for Valentines Day!

Phew that was a lot of suspense built up from a whole 2 posts ago. I know it was just killing you, not knowing where Erin and I had chosen to go out for our Valentines dinner. Don't worry. You don't have to be embarrassed about being so invested in our lives. We are awfully interesting so I can't blame you.

So we picked 2 Amy's because the guy over at DC Foodies is always raving about how fabulous it is. Plus funds are sorta low (I mean when are they not? Thanks for that, recession. Maybe if Washington had economically stimulated me with their package already - O man there's another low brow joke. I told you I had no shame.) so we thought a great way to get away with a delicious and classy dinner without breaking the bank would be a gourmet pizza place. 2 Amy's is definitely affordable. The majority of their wines by the glass selection fell between the $5-$8 range. We definitely took advantage of that. The pizzas were also pretty reasonable, ranging from $10-$15 depending on how much they piled on there, and the one thing 2 Amy's cannot be criticized for is being slow. Erin and I had barely got our order out of our mouth before all of this appeared:

Supli a Telefono
(Fried risotto balls stuffed with cheese)

Pizza Vongole
(Garlic, Capers, Hot Pepers, Clams)

Pizza Margherita
(Tomato, Mozzarella di Bufala, Basil)

Overall review? Pretty good, but not making my top 5. (Sorry DC Foodies but we can agree to disagree, right? No? You want to start a war between blogs? Well fine then. Have it your way. I only wanted to be friends, but if your going to act like a child, then I don't want you as a friend anyway.) First the appetizers. We got smoked salmon croquettes and the above pictures Supli a Telefono. The stuffings of both were awesome. Still moist and very flavorful despite being fried food. However, the outside breading was thick and, after being fried, came out very hard. 2 Amy's could definitely benefit from some light bread crumbs. Maybe some fluffy Japanese ones? I know that's not Italian, but you can fudge it guys.

Onto the pizza. The dough was delish. Seriously, it was absolutely phenomenal, but you could really only tell in the crust because the center of the pizza was pounded so thin that it didn't have the same full flavor. It seemed like such a waste to not allow the dough a little more room to shine, considering that it was so good that this occasion marked the only time I ever actually eaten the crust of my pizza. I thought my pizza was also lacking a little in the cheese department, and for a cheese lover like me, this was sad news indeed. Erin's had a little more going on in that department, so if you are looking for a cheesier pizza, definitely go her route.

Overall, it was really the service and the wine that made 2 Amy's better than the average pizza joint for me. If I go back, I think I will definitely opt for a cheesier pizza, try some small plates instead of fried apps, and drink a lot more wine.

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