Friday, February 29, 2008

The Bar Rouge. A night club, a dancehall and a bordello. Ruled over by Harold Zidler.

One of my favorite friends happened turn 23 this past September. So to celebrate a few of us went out for a drink. Lynne had me pick the place, which works out well for me but maybe not so much for everyone else, since I have a particular affinity for dark trendy-ish bars and I think everyone else was just looking for something cheap and chill. Ooops. Well too bad we ended up at anyway, and even though it might not have been everyone's first choice (aka only my first choice), it was still a good time. See all the smiles! See! See!

Smiles seeeeeeeee! We all love dark, trendy-ish bars. Ok actually it was only a so-so experience. Most of the specialty drinks were super delish, but Lynne got this one champagney/hard liquor mixture. Except there wasn't really any champagne. So it was more like moonshine in a flute. Not the best, which was a sad story since it was her bday, and even the yummy drinks were pricey. That was also a sad story. However, like the best sad stories (Titanic, Gone With the Wind, The Lion King) there's a silver lining. The food was good and decently priced! I had their salmon, and it was way above bar food quality. I was quite surprised. Like the best best sad stories, though, there was an even greater tragedy that caught us by surprise. Come 9 pm the cocktail waitress seemed to disappear into some alternate universe that did not involve taking drink orders or even acknowledging our presence.

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