Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Zigazig Zah!... Only Thing Better than Last Weekend was the Weekend Before...


Ok, I have to admit this post has absolutely nothing to to with DC. I know, I knoooow, obsessing about the Spice Girls is not really the point of the blog, but I can't help it. It's the Spice Girls! Everything they wear is so fabulous and shiny, and God how I loooove shiny things. Look at Posh, she's just a walking anorexic disco ball. What could be better than that? Nothing! When Roberto Cavalli is in control of costumes, there's no predicting the genius that will come out. He's like the crazy, drunk uncle of Karl Lagerfeld. I bet they sit around in their tanning booths together just out crazy-ing each other.

Ok but enough of old, orange designers. Back to the concert! Erin and I started out in these pretty crappy seats, but our whole section got moved to the VIP box seats because they weren't sold out. So instead of sitting on the side of the stage, we sat a level lower in the dead center. The view was so much better (as was the selection at the bar - from Miller Light draft to Tanqueray and tonics, much improved all around!). Erin and I got some great shots of the girls strutting around stage while the dancers broke it down You Got Served style.

Aaaaahhh they are so hot! See that one where Posh is strutting around? That was great. They all had solos, and she did nothing for hers but strut.

We didn't put too much planning into the weekend, but it ended up working out really well. The concert was in Newark, NJ, but Erin and I stayed in Manhattan with some of my college friends. The train to the dirty Jerz was only about 20 mins and for those of us who still carry our college ID's everywhere the train was free, and it dumped us off only blocks from the venue. We almost missed the train due to some absurd taxi jam in the middle of Sunday night, but as soon as Erin and I secured our seats, we got our fierce faces on for the concert!

O yea. Fierce.

The train on the way back was a bit more of an ordeal. We had to wait for awhile, and then they ran everyone around to different tracks. Fortunately, Erin and I were able to take shelter inside of the train station bar.

I was quite surprised (and maybe a little impressed?) with how many people were kicking it at the Newark, NJ Penn Station bar at 11:30 at night. It's a crazy time. Our energy carried over back to the lower Eastside. Despite the biiiiitter cold, we were tried to experience some of the city.

We did some more exploring the next day and say some awesome silver rock and trees art work and the Museum of Sex! Boy you do not want to miss out on that. That museum has got some crazy exhibits going on. I'd discuss my favorite parts in more detail, but my mom reads this blog. I'd prefer that she just image my life full of discussing philosophy and sketching dried flowers. So I'll just close out now with PG photo montage of Erin's and my trip anyway.

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