Monday, March 31, 2008


Well being a tourist this past weekend, got me reminiscing on some other events that make DC a special town, the most unmissable definitely being the Annual Drag Race in Dupont. Before I ever had this grand-over-arching-searching-for-"J Street"-and-all-the-hidden-
treasures-of-DC-theme to my life in mind, I went to the drag race and decided that it is one of those (not so) hidden treasures that really adds to DC's personality. It takes place every year on the Tuesday before Halloween. Erin and I got there way early this past year. We were told that the streets fill up rows deep. So we decided to be prepared. Next year I think we can wait a little longer before we line up. People certainly do lines up rows deep, but not until shortly before the parade actually starts. Even though we were there a bit early this past, it all worked out because I had happened to forget my digi. So we had time to run to Safeway and buy a disposable camera. (Which turned out to be a waste anyway because I got it and another old camera developed at CVS. And just a note to all you out there who have a disposable camera that you haven't gotten around to developing, do NOT take it to CVS especially the new one on 10th and U. They are the most incompetent developers EVER. Most of my pictures came out looking like these:
All of the frames ran together, were blurred, and overexposed. Theeeeen, when I went back to have to them redo it. They blamed the crappy photos on me! Ooo I was peeved.) Anyways, I'll always have the memories which, I promise you, are a million times better than the pictures indicate.

The parade/race starts off with dancers from Results over on U and 16th who continue to dance up and down the promenade the ENTIRE time. For almost 2 hours straight these people are kicking it, and for the last 30 minutes they are having to dance around various drag queens, some even on roller blades. That is no easy feat. They are some in shape dancers. They certainly made me want to go join results gym, but then the drag race ended. My euphoric buzz disappeared. I snapped back to reality and remembered that I'm still broke. Being inspired by the Results dancers. Free. Paying to work out with the Results dancers. Too much.

The actual drag queen racers start to show up around 7:30 and slowly build in number until 9, when the race begins. There are men of all types there. Some pro's. Some amateurs. Some not even really drag queens. Like this dragon-esque guy who just walked up and down with his enooormous wings fluttering in the air. He was working it, though. Fierce, right?!

Most of my favorites didn't end up coming out (damn you CVS photo developer villains!) There was an Amy Winehouse, the Spice Girls, the Fanta girls, Condi and Hillary both with the respective hot, gay secret service squads, fat ladies (they were blow up suits) on roller skates, 2 poodle skirt "gals" with their beer guts hanging over their skirts and their beards still unshaven, and whole bevy of other hysterical characters. Even Mayor Fenty was there! Not it drag, though. One can only dream of a day when the DC mayor sports a glittery jumpsuit and 10 inch platforms.

For your viewing pleasure, and hopefully to entice your to come out to the next drag race if you've never been, I was able to capture a few good shots despite the evil photo gods tampering with my film.

These ladies got together in a big group and all went as different drag board games. Did you know board games could be turned into a drag outfit? I didn't, but I commend whoever came up with that idea. They are a true creative genius. I mean don't you just looove Ms. Twister above?

The Kennedy crew was one of my absolute favs! There was more to this picture, but sadly the left got cut off. (Aaaargg!) The whole set up was John with Jackie on one arm and Marilyn on the other. Only fabulous drag queens could rock that out! You have to come out and see what they come up with next year! I can't stress that enough. After all the dancing and parading, you get to watch these ladies book it down the street in some of the biggest heels you'll ever see! It's the definition of FAAAAAABulous!

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