Friday, March 14, 2008

You lucky dawg!

Yesterday, I found out that I will not being going away to work a trial in North Carolina. The case ended up settling. This was good for you because it means I will not go on a posting hiatus for a month. This was good for the client because they were going to lose a ton of money. And, in a way, this was good for me. Now I can go on doing lots of fun things and writing about them for your reading pleasure. But, I can't deny it, I am also a little sad. I would have gotten a lot of great experience and earned some OT. So let's all take a moment of silence to mourn my lost opportunity.

(Deeeeeeeeeeeep breath aaaaand sigh.) Ok. I'm ready to return to blogging. This week has been pretty busy. A little because of work, but mostly because of play! Wednesday, I went back to Ulah Bistro to try the food (as promised!) I had fun the first time around, but this second trip was in a completely different league. I was meeting my friend Amy and another girlfriend of hers, but I got there first. So what's a girl to do but test out their pinot noirs at the bar? The wine was kinda sucky (pretty bland, more like a merlot, which is exactly the opposite of why I order noirs -1) but the bartender was FABulous! (+1) She was attentive and chatty (but good chatty not like annoying-clingy-girl-who-lacks-basic-social-graces-chatty). She took great care of us. I almost didn't want to move to a table once the rest of my party arrived. We did eventually sit down to dinner, though. I went for one of the pizzas which I had been eying since we got drinkies and talked '90's there on Saturday. Amy and her friend both got burgers, medium and medium well perspectively. They both really enjoyed their burgers but were a teensy bit disappointed that they came less cooked than they thought the burgers should be. I have to admit (shhhh, don't tell my friends!), I was totally loving that fact. I know that not everyone is like me, but I am the kind of person who loves their burger still moo-ing. So for a girl who wants her meat a bit bloody, to say the least, I was excited by the fact that Ulah delivers their burgers anything but overcooked.

Mmmmmm buuuurger. Next time I go, I will have to try one. Don't think that this means the pizza wasn't phenomenal, though, because it was. Thin crust, but not too thin. Really thin crust makes me so sad. I do love dough (and carbs in general), and I appreciate when my pizza doesn't skimp too much on it. Also, the toppings are gloriously plentiful! I went for the chicken artichoke pizza, and I was thoroughly satisfied with how much there was of both. And the cheese! The glorious cheese! They threw a gloriously plentiful amount of that on too.

Thursday night, when I was recuperating from not having the chance to work a trial anymore, I decided to raid H&M and the Macy's shoe department for a little pick-me up. (Considering the pouty mood I was in, I am actually proud of how practical my shopping purchases were. I am always stealing the same sorts of things from Erin's closet, and she is always encouraging me to buy some for myself in preparation for that one sad day when we no longer live together. I picked up 3 things from H&M that satisfied that bill and were also totally wearable to work... The shoes on the other hand... maybe not as practical. But I have coveted them for months and they were finally reduced! So I splurged. I mean how could I resist? Just look at that color!)

Anyways in the middle of the H&M part of the spree, Erin called to see if I wanted to go out to drinks, which of course I did. I knew we'd gone out on Monday and I had gone out last night. I knew this was maybe stressing the budget to go out 3 week nights and emotionally shop, but it was a rough week. Pouty Cara needs delish food and drinks to make her all better.

We threw around a bunch of ideas, but ended up at TenPenh (mostly because it was less crowded than Central but it ended up being an awesome pick, as you'll see). We sat at the bar, ordered their Asian mojito. (+5!) You have to get it. I used to waitress at a Cuban restaurant, and, after having mojitos in every flavor imaginable after my shifts, I thought there could never be a mojito that could impress me again. I was wrong. The Asian mojito more than makes the entire trip to TenPenh worth it. Pluuuuuus all of their cocktails come with plastic monkey decorations which are indescribably fun to play with for those of us who aren't mature enough to sit at the bar and just converse like adults! (+ another 5!)

I tried their Pomeranian next. It was grapefruit and pomegranate flavored, both of which I love, but this drink had nothing on the Asian mojito. By the end of the night, Erin and I had made friends with Sherman, our fantabulous barkeep, and he made us a final cocktail on him. (+1 for Sherman!) We tried the lychee lemonade. Still good, but, like the Pomeranian, nothing compared to the Asian mojito. Interspersed with all the schmancy cocktails and building of plastic monkey towers, we did manage to try some food too. We each got 2 apps. Erin: the tuna sliders and the hamachi sashimi. Me: the spicy tuna tempura roll and the curry mussels. I tried both of Erin's, and they were good. However, I was totally in love with what I ordered. The tempura roll, upon suggestion from the regular who was sitting next to me, was perfect level spicy: hot but didn't have me immediately reaching for my water. And the tuna! O the tuna! So fresh, so lightly fried, so yuuuuuummy! The mussels, while not as overwhelming as the portion from Indebleu, were similarly very flavorful and plump. I was completely satisfied. When it came down to desert, though, Erin definitely picked the better one. She got a lemongrass creme brulee with some sort of delish coffee cake, and her proportions were huge! (+1) I got the spice cake with apples and... some other stuff... I can't really remember. Anyways it was ok, but I would definitely recommend her creme brulee above my spice cake.

By the end of the night, I was feeling much better than when I had started. New shoes and Sherman are, apparently, all a girl needs to get back to her usual perky self!

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