Friday, March 7, 2008

So there's a saying about April showers, but we're still in the beginning of March. What's the deal?

I walk to work every day. For a lot of different reasons. 1) I actually like walking. When I studied in Milan, that's all we did, and the second I came back to the US I missed the freedom of being able to get to wherever I needed with my own 2 feet. So now that I'm in DC, I'm taking advantage. 2) Public transportation adds up after awhile. If I save $20 a week on transportation, that's $80 a month. Which equates to $960 a year. Which equates to a reeeeeeeally nice pair of shoes (Miu Miu teacup heals!) or a dinner at Citronelle and Komi and Minibar or actually being able to afford one of those amazingly beautiful things in Muleh or an extra couple of drinks a week (which is what it actually what is buys since I don't save it up all year). 3) It's the most environmentally friendly way to get to work, and since I work at a law firm that consumes paper like its going out of style, I like to do little things for the environment and 4) Sometimes it is just nice to be alone and have that time to listen to music and think.

So rain or shine, warm or cold, I walk to work. Nothing bothers me enough to take the metro, that was until my galoshes broke right before the DC rainy season hit. I only got to wear them about 10 times until the back just completely split open. Fortunately,, where I bought them from, has this super lenient 365-day return policy. So when I emailed them to say I thought my boots were defective, they encouraged me to send them right back. I just got my money back in my account today, so I am thinking sometime this weekend I might need to be purchasing these to replace the ones that broke. But as much as Koi galoshes will make me happy in the rain, what will make me really really really happy again is when it is warm without the rain. Because then Erin and I can walk up and down all the streets like I used to do without her when she was hostessing. I can't wait to show her everything I saw while I was exploring without her. Starting with Meridian Hill Park, these were some of my neighborhood favorites:

Birdies bathing!

I brought this picture home and showed it to Erin immediately because I was so impressed with this place. It's like an urban, neon jungle. They built on top of the bay window tower in their building. They have tos of plants and some animals and lots of color. It's great!

These people definitely are metalsmith's or have a BFF who is awesome with metal because their railing and yard artwork were FABulous!

How crazy is this alley? It looks like many different condo's got together and decided to make their building beautiful. I just wanted to move into their little decks.

To top is off they have the cutest little alley too!

This was such a cute apartment. In the middle of a huge building, this apartment went so beyond the normal window plant to turn their little space into something that made them smile.

This house is on 12th Place which is between 12th and 11th on W. It's just the beginning of an entirely adorable street that you have to check out sometime. I am dyyyyyying to move to this street. Even though it's only a hop, skip, and a jump from where I live now, it seems like a world away, where everything is perfect and lovely.

Ok that's it for now. More of what I love about DC later.

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