Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Friend and a New Exercise Craze All in One Day

So we got this new girl in the office. All I know from her interview is: "she graduated from an Ivy League, she speaks four languages, she's beautiful, basically she's perfect." So when I find out that she gets hired, I start to get really nervous. I am venting to Erin left and right about how new girl is just going to make me feel terrible about my life because I have none of those things and am so far from perfect that perfect and I aren't even on the same continent. Well she arrived 2 weeks ago, and she is, indeed, perfect. (She listens to NPR. She's gorgeous - but not anorexic waif gorgeous. She is like Sports-Illustrated-swimsuit-edition-circa-1994-when-Kathy-Ireland-made-the-cover-because-to-be-considered-beautiful-and-to-be-healthy-back-then-were-not-
mutually-exclusive gorgeous. And get this, this is the worst/best part, she drives a Vespa! A vespa! It's my dream to have a Vespa. I want a black one with the pink stripe and a sidecar for Erin.)

So anyway the moral of the story is, I was primed to hate this girl because she is everything I want to be but am not. And yet, I couldn't because she's also an awesome person. Totally genuine and really friendly. Now I know that was prob TMI for a lead up story, but I just wanted you to understand where I am coming from when yesterday new girl mentioned that she would be attending her weekly Bikram yoga class and suggested I should come along. A) I haven't worked out since maybe October. B) I have never done yoga before in my life. C) When left up to my own devices, I would definitely rather order pizza and drink a bottle of wine while watching Ben Lyons on E News. But I said to myself: "Self, the new girl is awesome at life. Maybe you should take her up on the offer. Maybe you would be more awesome at life." I know that is an absurd thought, but sometimes I can't help it. The point of the whole very very (excessively) long story is that I went, and it was amazing + difficult + I feel so good + I think I almost threw up at least twice. It's 90 minutes of 26 crazy positions that had my heart pounding out of its chest. There were times I thought I wasn't going to make it, but I did. And now I am definitely going back. So my little life moral is you should all find the "Rebecca" in your life (fortunately mine sits next to me 40 hours a week so I imagine I will definitely be getting into shape for the summer), and use that inspiration to get yourself to Bikram. Drink a gallon of water beforehand, get ready for a little bit of smelly, and try it!

Since I have now just raved about my experience, I feel a should give some pops to the yoga place I went to. It's in north Dupont and super easy to get to!

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