Sunday, March 9, 2008


Last night my fashionable, cultured friend Amy convinced me to leave my nice, warm apartment (which I had just stocked with marshmallows, and if you knew how much I love marshmallows, you would understand what a feat this is!) in order to go shake our booties at the Black Cat with her friend from out of town. I put on a cute little dancing out fit which involved purple ruffles (see below - not the best picture, but dancing around action pictures are a hard genre to get good at! Give me time!), and braved the absurd wind to go meet up with them. No sooner had I gotten there, and they had decided to check out greener pastures. Figures, right? I mean I almost got swept away to Oz trying to get there, but it's fiiiine. It's totally fiiiine. You don't have to take my pain and struggle into consideration... well... actually it was fine because I had a backup plan (and because there wasn't really all that much pain and struggle involved. I may have been exaggerating). So I suggested Ulah Bistro, the brand spanking new addition to the U St. scene.

It just opened on February 26th. We walked in, and it was as I expected: modern, sleek, a bit swanky. Nothing innovative, but very nice. We headed straight upstairs to the lounge, and found 3 seats at the bar right away. This was all very reminiscent of the first time I went to Marvin, when it was perfectly not crowded, but we all know what happened there. So I imagine in a month Ulah is going to be overrun by a mob of trendy young adults. It makes me sad, but maybe then Marvin will be tolerable again. Plus, I've still got Solly's. No trendy crowd is ever going to overrun that place. But back to the Ulah break down. Camapri? Yes! +1

Good service? Not really. -1 (Stopping whispering the corner with your friends, barkeep! You are suppooooosed to be getting me boozy and then listening to me cry about my problems. We are suppooooosed to bond, but you know last night I would have just settled for not being ignored.) Atmosphere? Everyone was relaxed and nice in a relaxed, nice space. +1

And nice loungy couches, which I know I will never get to lay claim to again once Ulah gets overrun, but we certainly enjoyed commandeering them when we had the chance!

Food? Well I can't really rate yet. I did have their apple pie with Giffords ice cream. Very delish but not homemade. Amy and I are suppose to being going back on Wednesday to give a more thorough review. I will say, though, that the prices look completely reasonable. So we'll give them a temporary +1 (subject to revision), and let's do a random +1 for their sweet bathroom sinks. Fortunately Amy's friend, Nicole, went to the bathroom first. So she was able to give me adequate warning to bring my camera to the bathroom to capture their fun sinks.

Despite the lack luster service, we still had a fabulous time talking about life. I was very excited when I found out other people's parents had compost bins too! I thought it was just my hippy parents, but it turns out my parents are just one of many hippy parents who yell at their children if they even think about throwing their left over veggies into the regular trash. Those are for the compost bin. Also an interesting revelation was the differing use of paper towels. I use them as napkins, to clean up spills, or to cover up food I am heating in the microwave, but Amy and Nicole almost never use them for anything. I am an outlying paper towel consuming freak? I will have to investigate paper towel use among my friends more. Then we eventually got to talking about the 90's which always comes up because it is my favorite subject ever! I can't get enough of high wasted pants, midriff bearing shirts, tiny repeating floral prints, and chokers! I mean chokers! Who doesn't love those? Erin and I even play this game called "That's the 90's." It's super simple. When we see a 90's trend, we blatantly point at the person and say "that's the 90's!" To top the whole night off I had my very first random-run-in-with-kids-I-went to-college-with-but-wasn't-friends-
hi-because-I'd-really-just-rather-stare experience. In the end they came up and said hello. Good to know some of us have started to turn into young adults since graduating. Where as Amy and I... well young adults does not really describe our behavior in the situation because this is a posed picture we took where we actually just trying to take a picture of the boys in the background.

I know. I know. We are terribly immature. You can barely even see that there are people in the background, but doesn't it count for something that I can at least admit that I was being silly and childish? No? It doesn't? I should just grow up and learn how to act like a normal person? Well, you're probably right. Tell you what, I'll think about it. How's that? Not good enough? Well tough. It's the best you're going to get. Gosh you're demanding. Why don't you go to Ulah and just relax.

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