Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The Project Runway finale is occurring right before my very eyes. Jillian v. Rami v. Christian (aka Ferocia Coutura). Who will win? Who's show will be fugly? Who will Posh like?!?! Everything rests on her approval. But what do zombies like? You know, aside from soccer players with really big you knooooows. Anyways by the time I am done with writing this post, I am sure the show will be over so stay tuned! Watching Project Runway always makes me wish I had a fabulous drink to sip on, not only because the show is fabulous but also because sometimes I just need some booze to stomach what the judges say. Really, Heidi? She's pooping out fabric? Is that a technical term? It probably will be after this season, along with fierce. Mmmm fabulous drinks. I could even settle for a mimosa. Where is that man slave when you need him?

O man, speaking of mimosas, Erin and I went to Creme this past weekend for brunch.

They have a bottomless mimosa for $15.

Be forewarned, if you go for their bottomless mimosas, you need to drink a ton to get your money's worth. I watched them make their pitchers. It's 1 bottle of champagne to 1 quart of OJ. That is not a very good ratio, especially when you're not even an orange juice fan. The only reason I ever suffer through OJ is to justify drinking before noon. So I think I had to get through about 3 of their mimosas to get what was equivalent to 1 glass of champagne. So drink fast! One thing that makes up for this is the food. Everything on the menu looked delicious. I was torn between the applewood smoked bacon quiche and the louisianan. I went for the louisianan.

It was super yummy and chock full of shrimpy sausagey goodness. I definitely want to come back to try more things on the menu. We would have to go back earlier in the morning, though, because was the service suuuuuucky. We were sat pretty fast, but no one came over to talk to us. Ever. Finally the hostess came back (she was super), took our order, and got us drinks. Eventually, when we drained our first mimosas, we had to track down a server. That's pretty annoying to be at a tiny restaurant for 30 minutes before your server ever shows up, and even then they only show up because you force them to do their job.

Gosh, Erin is pissed at that waitress. She looks like a bitch to mess with, doesn't she? Hahaha no j/k. I took this when Erin wasn't looking. She was actually just looking over her shoulder, but it goes along well with the story, no? Anyways it seems like Creme isn't really all the swell, but the hostess and the food make up for it. So in the end, I would recommend you give it a try. Just remember these key words: drink fast and reorder often!

O, also, Mr. Ferocia Coutura totally won on Project Runway. Rami gave him a run for his money, but with Posh judging there was no way Christian could lose. He basically designs for women exactly like Posh (aka he designs for zombies). In general, though, Erin and I thought all the collections were a little fugly. Jillian's maybe was a little more than a little. That probably has something to do with the fact that she's apparently a robot. The overall fug level was sad because this was such a talented group! O well. There's always next season! And until then, I still have Lost to keep me going. (O Sawyer, you are so dreamy under your tough guy exterior! You make me look forward to every Thursday!)

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