Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pouty Girl

Erin and I had a fabulous date night last night. I remembered my camera, and captured the whole. When I got home, I changed into sweats, and turned on my laptop. Wouldn't you know the internet (which had been on when we first got home) went out right then. Grrrrrrrr! I was so mad. Comcast sucks at life. This had to be the 5th time our internet has just died even though it says we are connected at full strength. So then Erin goes to watch TV, and that's dead too, which has never happened before. So now we are really stranded. I ended up reading. Words. It was rough. It was like back in the old days before Comedy Central and Lolcats. I mean the words were pretty good, but they required thinking to understand. The whole thing tuckered me right out, and I ended up having a great sleep. So I guess those words were good for something after all.

Anyways work is a mess and a half lately. We've got a trial coming up. So I'll be at the office a lot. So forgive me if the posts are infrequent, short, and/or not chock full of their normal wit and insight. I promise I'll try! You could always just stare at this dreamy picture of Shia LaBeouf. Rumor has it he's somewhere in DC right now filming. Go out and find him!

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